Infiot ZETO

Cloud Managed Wireless WAN

Effortless, reliable connectivity anywhere

Cloud Managed, Boundless Reach, Unmatched Cellular Connectivity

Whether you’re looking to add cellular connectivity to your network as a primary or failover solution, the new Infiot Cellular Gateway portfolio provides a compact, secure solution that is cloud managed, with deployment flexibility, allowing you to streamline operations and drive new revenue streams, and is ideal for all industries, including retail, healthcare, and remote users.

Key Benefits

  • Infiot
    Operational Simplicity
    Seamlessly fits in your infrastructure with Infiot ZETO edge or 3rd party router
  • Infiot
    Global Carrier Interoperability
    Bring your own cellular plan from AT&T, Verizon or choose Infiot’s Global Carrier plan for unmatched flexibility
  • Infiot
    Centrally Managed
    Infiot Cellular Gateways offer unprecedented visibility and management from a centralized interface
Infiot ZETO
Optimized for Cellular
Extended Reach
Designed to optimize cellular signal strength, the Infiot Cellular Gateway can be readily positioned away from a weak cellular signal in the network closet, to near a window.
Designed to Fit In
Infiot Cellular Gateway effortlessly slots into customers’ existing infrastructure and can be paired with any router downstream or Infiot edge for primary or backup cellular support.
Compact Form Factor
PoE or DC powered, with visibility and control, and out of box zero touch provisioning. Multiple-surface mounting with easy installation to a wall, ceiling, din-rail, or tabletop.
Meets Regulatory Compliance
AT&T, Verizon, PTCR certified, C1D2, IP Rated - with thin wireless, ruggedized form factor - Infiot Cellular Gateways support high gain directional external antennas built to scale.
Infiot ZETO
Plug and Play with Operational Simplicity
Converged Services
Free yourself from the complexity of legacy networks with a single edge device that converges integrated cellular, SD-WAN, zero-trust security and edge compute with flexibility and choice.
Bring Your Own Plan
Infiot is PTCRB, AT&T and Verizon certified, and supports global carriers allowing you to bring your own cellular plan
Take Advantage of Infiot's Cellular Plan
Always connect to carriers with the best signal in the region, no carrier lock-in, complete lifecycle automation from SIM activation to management and convenient billing from one vendor.
Proven Scale
Easily scale from one to 1000s of sites with no-hassle configuration, management, and visibility across sites globally.
Infiot ZETO
Unified Experience
Single Pane of Glass Management
Infiot Cellular Gateways are managed from an elegant intuitive centralized interface, utilizing the same portal as Infiot’s thin, wireless edges with integrated cellular, providing a unified management interface for the entire Infiot portfolio.
Streamlined Deployment
Complete life cycle management to build and manage Wireless WANs without manual intervention - including Zero Touch Provisioning, automated SIM card activation and remote management for streamlined deployment.
Proactive Insights
A single dashboard to provide in-depth analytics and historical insights for troubleshooting primary or failover connectivity across cellular environments.
Zero Touch Operations
Take advantage of self-configuring Infiot Cellular Gateways, along with scheduled automatic upgrades for complete control and autonomy.

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