ZETO Client: Becoming the Waze for Your Remote Access

Many companies are finding that their remote connectivity architecture just isn’t cutting it any longer as their workforce has transitioned to hybrid or remote work. Like most legacy VPN solutions, application performance is not guaranteed, the security can be easily compromised, user and application visibility is lacking and multi-cloud enablement is convoluted. Infiot ZETO introduces a new way to deliver consistent zero trust security and application performance for the borderless enterprise.

Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC), a non-profit organization founded by the City of Philadelphia and the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia, switched from a VPN solution to Infiot ZETO for assured application experience and uncompromised security as they transitioned to a more distributed workforce.

Join Shayne Moore, VP of IT at PIDC, and Michael Kalas, SVP of WW Sales and GTM Strategy at Infiot, for an insightful discussion on how Infiot ZETO is empowering PIDC’s anywhere workforce.

What you will learn:

  • The challenges that PIDC ran into when deploying their distributed workforce
  • How Infiot was able to solve application performance and security issues for PIDC
  • PIDC’s experience deploying Infiot ZETO

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