Webinar: Extend Enterprise WAN to Branch of One

The networking and security perimeter has now expanded to include a wider range of people, locations, and devices. Future work patterns will require that every employee, every micro branch and every device should be considered as extended branches of the organization.

This requires extension of the enterprise WAN using the same policy – with speed, application assurance, and security in mind – whether it is a home office or a small office, an ad-hoc POS (point-of-sales), or an employee on the go. These new connected digital workspaces need to be managed/treated as a ‘Branch of One.’

Join Scott Raynovich, Founder and Chief Technology Analyst at Futuriom, and Parag Thakore, CEO and Co-Founder at Infiot in this very informative webinar.

They will discuss:
• The market trends driving the need to enable the ‘Branch of One’
• How Infiot has enabled organizations enable secure, performant connectivity for their employees anywhere
• Infiot’s approach to application experience, SD-WAN, zero trust security, and edge intelligence for the Branch of One

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