Smart Manufacturing with Infiot ZETO

“Connected machines are an  integral part of the next revolution in manufacturing.  It’s not enough to just have  the best machines in the world. They must be part of  an integrated, secure, digital  factory. Infiot’s partnership  has made this possible.” – Sr. Director, Machine Tools Services team

Multinational Fortune 500 conglomerate pioneers Industry 4,0 with smart, connected, secure and integrated machines, powered by Infiot ZETO. 

  • One of the leading companies in the global machine tool industry, this multinational manufacturing conglomerate builds a strong brand by providing precision machining equipment in high-value  industries such as automobile, aerospace and IT. 
  • The manufacturer was looking for a solution that could easily connect distributed and diverse sets of devices to the network — then extract, normalize, and securely move data from those devices to multiple distributed applications. 
  • 24/7 service is crucial, enabling better response times and higher service levels, hence, the ability to remotely monitor and access these devices was critical.
  • The manufacturer partnered with Infiot to develop a solution that achieves IT/OT convergence, simplifying Day-2 operations, lowering the downtime and saving cost.

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