Branch of One: Building a Secure Network Fabric for Remote Workers, Microbranches, and IoT

The rise of cloud services and the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT), digital transformation, and Work from Home (WFH) are expanding the enterprise networks beyond corporate offices. This era will require a modern approach to quickly configuring, connecting, and securing devices and applications at the edge of the cloud network, wherever they may reside.

The networking and security perimeter has now expanded to a wider range of mobile people and devices. Future work patterns will require that every employee, every micro branch and every device should be considered as extended branches of the organization. This Leadership Brief by Scott Raynovich of Futuriom takes a look requiring the need to quickly secure and connect remote users, micro branches, and IoT devices

Learn about the Branch of One – a new way to deliver application assurance, zero trust security and edge intelligence to every employee, every micro-branch and every device enabling a remote-first workspace using an AI-Powered Thin Wireless Edge.

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