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Confidently enable your remote workforce with Infiot ZETO

Provide an in-office experience, anywhere

Infiot’s software client and thin, wireless edge devices are purpose-built for all your users, no matter where they are, for unparalleled functionality, connectivity, zero trust security, and edge compute capabilities — all critical to today’s distributed and remote-first environments.

Key Benefits

  • Infiot
    Airgap Your Home Network
    Protect your users, apps, and data with zero trust security, always-on connectivity, and superior application performance and experience.
  • Infiot
    Gain Proactive Insights
    Meet the needs of all your remote users with software client or thin, wireless edges designed for remote-first critical applications with real-time analytics.
  • Infiot
    100% SaaS
    Cloud-first architecture enables transformative pricing models that deliver dramatic TCO savings and massive scale, eliminating traditional VPNs.
Infiot ZETO
Empower today’s anywhere workforce
One Software Edge - Multiple Options
Infiot ZETO™ delivers One Software architecture with converged access policy and analytics across users, devices, sites, and cloud. Leverage Infiot on laptops as a software client, via a browser for a clientless experience, or use a thin, wireless edge device at the home office and enjoy application experience and zero trust security regardless of where the remote users are.
Uncompromised Experience Everywhere
Infiot ZETO is the only solution in the industry that goes beyond the traditional VPN client with zero trust network access and optimization built-in. As a result, enjoy uncompromised performance and connectivity for real-time collaboration applications and empower your team and the end-user in anywhere scenarios.
Converged Architecture for Every Remote Worker
Achieve performant, secure access with complete visibility and control for every remote user. Network glitches are corrected on-demand directly from the client, ensuring the best user experience, even for the most demanding voice, video, and latency-sensitive data applications.
From Remote Access to Intelligent Access
Airgap Users and Applications for Superior Performance and Security
A single cloud platform with a choice of software client or a thin, wireless edge to connect remote workers anywhere. Availability and reliability are delivered non-stop. Provide always-on connectivity and network security with a high-performing modern edge over wired, broadband, cellular, and corporate networks.
Simple. Secure. Scalable – Converged. Cost-effective
Purpose-built for remote users, Infiot converges multiple services in an all-in-one software — no other software or devices are needed. Eliminate multiple onsite routers, gateways, and tools, and drive simplicity to save IT time and money.
Distributed Intelligent Processing and Automation
Achieve better business outcomes and enforce compliance and data governance. All you need is AI-powered distributed intelligent processing at remote edges.
Perimeterless Workforce Protection
Adaptive Software Defined Perimeter
Zero trust principles enable secure network access with granular traffic flow control and isolated trust boundaries. Infiot ZETO allows traffic segmentation and prioritization, enabling network teams to establish business policies prioritizing critical transmissions.
Identity Aware, Per-app Access Policy
Easily enable identity-aware, privileged network access, and per-app access policy. Zero-touch provisioning with single-click actions for the IT teams across all remote users fosters operational simplicity in workflow and business continuity.
Secure remote work and Guard Against Advanced Threats
Powerful built-in security features protect your users, remote sites and data centers from cyberattacks, malware, phishing, and other malicious threats. Remote users working in highly regulated industries benefit from this security posture, robust authentication requirements, and Infiot’s Tier-1 PCI and HIPAA compliant SaaS service.
Predictable Application Experience With Proactive Insights
Consistent Performance
Benefit from superior and secure connectivity for remote workers, isolated from the home, family, or private network. Gain consistent performance, mitigate vulnerabilities, and ensure employee productivity.
Application Performance Optimization
Critical enterprise applications always maintain the highest service-level agreements (SLAs) and application assurance even if network problems occur.
Gain Proactive Insights
Gain proactive historical insights and in-depth analytics for troubleshooting connectivity and security across all remote users. A single pane of glass can help you ensure consistent performance in your hybrid work environment.

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