Infiot ZETO Remote Access

You no longer have to choose between User experience and Security

Always-On, Highly Secure Optimized Connectivity Anywhere 

Industry’s First Software Client that converges Zero Trust Security and SD-WAN Optimization

Key Benefits

  • Zero Trust and Optimization
    The experience users want with the zero trust access IT needs
  • Multipath to Multi-Cloud
    Deliver optimized multi-cloud access with secure local internet breakouts and direct-to-cloud connectivity
  • AI-Driven Operations
    Automate your cloud operations and bring all your remote users and multi-cloud environment online in minutes
Empower Today's Anywhere Workforce
Assured Application Experience for Users, Anywhere
Achieve secure reliable access with complete visibility and control. Network glitches are corrected on demand directly from the client with application aware prioritization, ensuring the best experience, even for the most demanding voice, video and data applications.
Uncompromised Security Everywhere
The only solution in the industry that combines zero trust security and optimization built-in a software client. Infiot zero trust security addresses the needs of securing today’s hybrid workforces by enforcing least privileged access to applications based on user roles.
Making the Perimeter Invisible
Infiot ZETO™ delivers One Software architecture with converged access policy and analytics across users, devices, sites and cloud
Connect from Client to Cloud - The Right Way
Multipath to Multi-Cloud & Hybrid-Cloud
Addresses single tunnel shortcomings of existing architecture and rapidly deploy application aware white-lists that enables secure local internet breakouts and optimized direct to cloud access
Seamless Multi-Cloud Access
Automated cloud operations with one ZETO infrastructure that connects on-prem and cloud environments for a truly multi-cloud experience
Optimized Cloud On-Ramp
Globally distributed, horizontally scalable service that delivers secure optimized access to most popular IaaS and SaaS applications, with all of the simplicity enterprises really need.
Deliver Secure Experiences - Anywhere
Cloud Delivered Zero Trust Network Access
Reduce attack surface with Infiot’s ZETO Client with identity-aware application access. Grant users access to applications and not the entire network.
Intrinsic Converged Security
Take advantage of powerful converged built-in security features such as stateful firewall, content filtering, and IPS and protect your users from malicious attacks and guard against advanced threats, without requiring any additional hardware device.
Identity Management for The Borderless Enterprise
Simplify and scale Auto provisioning with IDP and gain easy management of users and groups with partners such as Okta, Azure AD and more.
AI-Driven Operations
One-Click Service Provisioning
One-click, on-demand service marketplace ensures rapid deployment of Infiot or Partner services closer to user, devices, sites or in the cloud with Infiot Edge Intelligence.
Consistent Availability and Best Performance
AI-driven operations determine root cause, catalog errors and automate problem resolutions, ensuring the most optimal experience for remote users, while ensuring smooth IT operations.
Superior Predictive Analytics
Enable proactive IT support and deliver the utmost visibility and control to accelerate time to incident resolution while maintaining end-user service level experience.

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