Infiot ZETO

Infiot ZETO –            One Software Architecture

Zero Trust Security and Optimized Connectivity for the Borderless Enterprise

Key Benefits

  • Infiot
    Simplified Operations
    Bring all your remote users, devices, sites and multi-cloud environment online in minutes with Zero-touch deployment and AI-Driven Operations.
  • Infiot ZETO
    Secure, Reliable Connectivity
    ZETO Software delivers Zero Trust Security, Assured application experience and Edge intelligence for every remote user, device, site and cloud.
  • Infiot
    Cloud First
    Eliminate DIY SDN with an agile, 100% SaaS management and controller. Optimal path to SaaS and IaaS. All with simplicity and elastic scale.
Infiot ZETO


Infiot solution incorporates three major components including the Infiot ZETO Edge, Infiot ZETO Orchestrator and Infiot ZETO Controller.


Infiot ZETO

Infiot ZETO Edge

ZETO Software enables all remote users, sites and IoT devices with a secure, reliable access to enterprise and cloud resources. Infiot ZETO Edge supports the widest deployment options in the industry.


  • Infiot Extensible Edge
    Ranges from thin-wireless edge, bare metal and hypervisor designed for micro to large branch/DC. Seamless multi-cloud access via IaaS marketplace and automated cloud operations.
  • Infiot Cellular Gateway
    Infiot Cellular Gateway can be paired with any router or Infiot extensible edge to optimize cellular signal strength. Global carrier interoperability is ideal for SOHO, Branches and IoT.
  • Infiot ZETO Client
    Industry’s first software client that redefines user to multi-cloud experience with converged zero trust security and application optimization. Ideal for hybrid workers and employees on the go.
  • Infiot Clientless Access
    Secure application and device access without an agent. Ideal for Remote IT support and temporary workers.
  • Infiot Cloud Services Fabric
    Globally distributed, multi-tenant, multi-service Cloud Delivered network that provides secure, high performance direct on-ramp to the cloud from any location.
Infiot ZETO

Infiot Cloud Delivered ZETO Orchestrator and Controller

Infiot’s multi-tenant orchestrator and controllers enable AI-Driven operations. Migrate away from traditional DIY SDN and onboard customers, ZETO sites and services with simplicity and cloud scale.

  • One-click, on-demand service marketplace
    Ensured rapid deployment of Infiot or partner services closer to users, devices or in the cloud. Unlock business intelligence with one-click service delivery.
  • 100% SaaS Controllers
    Achieve resilience by separating control plane and data plane and at the same time deliver operational simplicity and scale with industry’s first 100% SaaS based cloud-native controllers.
  • AI-Driven Operations
    Achieve operational simplicity with automated troubleshooting and AI-Driven insights. Self-healing with Infiot’s unique dynamic policy enforcement to reduce the number of support tickets.
  • Proactive AI-Driven support
    Flow analytics, anomaly detection and secure inbound access deliver proactive support and helps maintain end user service level experience with short time to resolution.
  • Security Compliance
    PCI Level 1 and HIPAA certified cloud-hosted service that are distributed in Tier-1 data centers, certified with SAS70 Type II, SSAE16, and ISO 27001.

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