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Assured Application Experience

Optimal Application Delivery, Anywhere
Nonstop WAN availability with real-time monitoring, link remediation, and packet steering over multiple WAN links including wired and integrated cellular.
Strategically deployed, highly available Infiot cloud hubs offer secure optimized cloud on-ramp to most popular SaaS and IaaS applications with all the simplicity enterprises need.
Easy-to-deploy business policies for over 100,000 applications and web URLs, including support for custom applications.
Deliver hybrid WAN with reliability, unbound reach, and flexibility to assure optimal performance even for demanding applications such as voice and video.
Modern Architecture Delivers Unparalleled Connectivity
One-click tag based dynamic edge-to-edge VPN enables flexible on-demand topologies.
Leverage open standards for easy insertion and one-click PKI automation and centralized key management at scale.
Achieve resilience and operational simplicity and scale with 100% SaaS based cloud-native controllers enabling separation of control and data plane, along with unparalleled TCO benefits.
A single cloud platform with integrated cellular edge devices is all you need - connecting remote workers, fixed and mobile sites, and loT devices over LTE and 5G cellular networks.

Zero Trust Security

Secure Cloud Service You Can Trust
Infiot’s delivers unparalleled security with a converged zero trust architecture that protects you from threats and keeps you compliant anywhere - consistent security across clients on laptops, thin wireless edges, or browser based security.
Infiot Zero Trust Networking supports unparalleled security to protect your users and IoT devices. How? - Instead of trusting an IP address, always verify the identity of the user and device using an identity provider (IDP) first.
Auto Provisioning with IDP enables easy management of users and groups leveraging SCIM and IDP partners such as Okta and Azure AD.
Set Contextual policy - Define access policies based on user and device posture and take advantage of a cloud service to enforce them.
Perimeterless Workforce Protection
Zero trust principles enable secure network access with granular control of traffic flow and isolated trust boundaries, creating an adaptive software defined perimeter.
Easily enable identity aware, privileged network access and per-app access policy.
Powerful converged built-in security features such as stateful firewall, content filtering, IDS/IPS protect your users from malicious attacks and guard against advanced threats.
Infiot provides a secure, compliant, cloud-hosted service held to the strict audit standards of PCI Level 1 Service Provider and HIPAA. Hosted services are distributed in tier-1 datacenters, with certifications such as SAS70 Type II, SSAE16, and ISO 27001.

Edge Intelligence

One-Click Service Provisioning
Simple click-to-enable services can be seamlessly deployed at the edge or in the cloud.
Our container based edge eliminates multiple single function branch appliances with the ability to instantiate and run a multitude of services such as application performance monitoring, firewall, IDS/IPS, and third party services.
Service chaining from the edge to cloud and enterprise regional hub services including partners like cloud security vendors and cloud providers such as Equinix.
Centralized policy controls enable rapid service provisioning and operations. Tackle these in bulk, on-demand, and with a single click.
On-Demand Service Catalog
Fully integrated lifecycle management support for intelligent services (such as Thousand Eyes, speed test, and more) running on the edge delivered via an intuitive service catalog.
Benefit from Infiot’s ecosystem to enable new use cases with Infiot and technology-partner-certified services to discover and analyze IoT data with multi cloud support such as AWS Greengrass and Azure IoT Hub.
Enjoy better business outcomes and enforce data-governance with intelligent processing close to the source. Reduce service response times, provide improved availability, and lower bandwidth costs.
Leverage Infiot SDK and seamlessly integrate with additional services for early time-to-market.

AI Ops

AI-Driven Support
Infiot monitors User Service Level Experience data- per user per minute. Minimize time to resolution for the bad user experience minutes with insights into Service Provider SLAs or policy violations using Infiot’s pervasive bird’s eye and flow analytics view of the entire network - from the client to the destination.
Infiot remote device monitoring service helps IT help desk provide proactive AI-driven support by delivering secure access to remote devices, such as phones, ATMs and servers via HTTP, RDP, SSH, VNC and , accelerating time to incident resolution.
Benefit from automatic remediation and self-healing with Infiot’s unique dynamic policy enforcement and dynamic path selection to reduce trouble tickets. Triage LAN, WAN, and cloud issues for tens of millions of devices globally.
Infiot’s container architecture enables services such as 3rd party monitoring services to run close to the edge, and provides the ability to store and forward data with telemetry ensuring precise insights which improves troubleshooting efficiency.
AI-Powered Onboarding and Automation
The industry’s first truly cloud-native AI-driven SDN brings autonomous operations by separating the control plane and the data plane enabling automated one-click customer onboarding, one-click edge enablement, and one-click new services enablement for new users, sites, and devices with simplicity and ease.
Infiot delivers a convergence of application experience, zero trust security, integrated cellular, and edge intelligence in multiple form factors — all managed through a single pane of glass.
Resilient, cloud-native and elastic-scale architecture provides intelligent access combined with AI Ops to centrally manage millions of endpoints without manual intervention. Benefit from multi-tenancy, high availability for data and web services, horizontal scaling, and agile upgrades with no downtime.
Enjoy Zero Touch Provisioning with full visibility and control. You’ll instantly capture the status of your connectivity, security, and services. And with an intuitive and AI-driven dashboard, you can manage your compute nodes remotely for all users, IoT devices, and branches.

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