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Partners are trusted third-parties to their end customers. We strive to provide you with industry-leading edge networking solutions that empower you to transform your customers’ business, strengthen your relationships and add significant measurable value.

  • Build New Revenue Streams
    Build recurring revenue streams and identify new and unique use cases with Infiot Intelligent Access for remote-first applications. Take advantage of our transformative pricing and easy-to-deploy edge solutions.
  • Gain Competitive Advantage
    Get the sales tools and resources you need to win. We provide discounts, technical training, sales support, and more. Heck, we’ll even simplify deal registration! Enjoy rewards for your loyalty along the way.
  • Deliver Moments of Wow
    With AI-powered thin wireless edges, networking, and zero trust security, Infiot is poised to sell solutions and create turn-key managed services. Customers will relish in added value.

Our Partner Ecosystem

Managed Service Providers
Infiot cloud-managed edge connectivity and zero trust security products are ideally suited for managed service providers. These products will help them create a turn-key managed IT service, such as design, integration, and implementation for their customers.
Service Providers
Service providers partner with Infiot to quickly and easily develop, launch, and manage edge networking services for their enterprise customers. Service providers can deploy Infiot thin wireless edges in a variety of use cases, including remote users, devices, and micro-branches.
Service Creation
Be the first to market with new and innovative services. Delight your customers with out-of-the-box solutions and boost your revenue.
New Revenue Streams

Maximize revenue by increasingly interconnecting different business ecosystems to drive new customer outcomes. Leverage the Infiot Edge AI Service catalog to provide more value-added services or build and monetize new edge applications for your customer base.

Partner Program

Our partner program helps your company educate end users, drive demand, reach new customers, and accelerate sales.


Accelerate proof-of-concept testing and minimize sales and NOC training requirements with an intuitive cloud management GUI.

Straightforward Licensing

Rapidly formulate an Infiot-powered service with transformative software-centric pricing built for the cloud era.

Seamless Integration

Create your own branded dashboard and curated app marketplace . Use single sign-on (SSO) to log on to the dashboard with existing credentials.

Superior Customer Service
Provide exceptional support services to end customers swiftly and at minimal cost.
Don’t Keep Them Waiting

Get customers live with fully operational service in a matter of minutes. 100% cloud-managed service, zero on-site configurations.

Real-Time Support

Provide superior customer experience with our powerful tools. You’ll resolve the majority of support cases over the phone in mere minutes.

Exceed Expectations

Offer customers proactive fault monitoring with automated alerts to detect and resolve potential issues even before they’re noticed.

Lower Operational Cost

Instantly update thousands of customers and sites.

24x7 Support

Tap into Infiot’s 24/7 support. With our escalation process, even complex issues won’t be a problem.

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