Spurring a Renaissance in Manufacturing

Infiot ZETO for Manufacturing


Take control of your IoT data and accelerate your business outcomes

Speedy time-to-market and improved TCO are essential to modernizing manufacturing operations. Infiot unleashes the power of IoT. You’ll be empowered to develop, run, and seamlessly manage manufacturing operations to boost your competitiveness in today’s global economy.

Key Benefits

  • Infiot
    Optimize Production and Quality
    Gain real-time insights into the IoT data for predictive maintenance to quickly detect potential failures and minimize loss and downtime.
  • Infiot
    Modernize Legacy Systems
    Digital transformation and smart manufacturing are driving the need for reliable and easily manageable manufacturing systems. It’s time to bring asset applications to the cloud era. With Infiot, that’s a cinch.
  • Infiot
    Bridge the Gap Between IT and OT
    IT and OT must work together effectively if manufacturers want to achieve the potential of the industrial IoT break. Save time and eliminate learning disruption with Infiot.
Securely Connect and Manage IoT Edge at Scale
Infiot’s ZETO Edge conveniently operates on the factory floor. It will securely connect IoT data to any analytics for predictive maintenance.
Zero-trust security models to isolate OT and IT, extending the new network perimeter to the cloud and for remote maintenance services.
Simple plug-and-play IoT services securely extract, filter, and transform raw data from disparate sources at the edge.
Infiot ZETO edge intelligence - Ideal for Industrial IoT
Innovative, cloud-native architecture that is ideal for distributed applications in the factory setting.
Benefit from one-click operations for deploying AI/ML applications on Infiot edges.
For manufacturers who want to build their own edge apps, Infiot provides developer-friendly SDKs and APIs for seamless integration.
Modernize Manufacturing with Cloud-Readiness
Take control of IoT data by directing it to local or multi-cloud environments.
Cloud-delivered one-click business policies streamline operations, benefiting both IT and OT admins.
Ensure control and governance of IoT data by making decisions about data accessibility.

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