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Leverage the power of your IoT data to your advantage and take your business to new levels.

Key Benefits

Why IoT Projects Fail
  • Infiot
    Bad Data
    It’s difficult to connect to and collect data from various IoT devices.
  • Infiot
    Time and Cost
    Building IoT solutions and integrating disparate systems are cost-prohibitive.
  • Infiot
    Poor Time-to-Value
    DIY IoT solutions and truck-rolls required to diagnose issues delay IoT projects.
Infiot Benefits
  • Infiot
    Actionable Data Now
    Unlock and extract data from IoT devices and deliver to the cloud applications of your choice. Gain intelligent insights for predictive analytics.
  • Infiot
    Fast-Track Your Operations
    Rapidly deploy IoT at scale anywhere with automation using Infiot cloud-native management. Enjoy complete visibility and control of your IoT network.
  • Infiot
    Drive Rapid Value
    The Infiot app marketplace features a growing partner ecosystem for any vertical. Diagnose issues remotely without having to visit on-site

Zero-Trust Connectivity for Your IoT Devices
Secure Your IoT Attack Surface
Leverage zero-trust security models that are firewall friendly, extend the new perimeter to the cloud and isolate IoT devices.
Unlock Data and Get What’s Important
Utilize Infiot’s plug-and-play IoT services to extract, filter, and transform raw data from disparate sources at the edge to drive critical business decisions.
Optimized for Cellular
Provide constant uptime with high-performance wireless WAN for devices and applications using Infiot’s enterprise-grade IoT Edge.
AI Edge: When Close Matters
Accelerate Business Outcomes
Achieve better business outcomes with intelligent processing close to the source for meaningful insights and action.
Scalable Application Lifecycle Management
Easily deploy AI/ML applications to multiple edges at scale and at the same time. All you need is a one-click policy from the Infiot app marketplace.
Build Your Own Edge Apps
Developer-friendly SDKs and APIs enable seamless integration. Leverage Infiot SDK and seamlessly integrate with additional services for early time-to-market.
Future-Proof with Multi-Cloud IoT
Seamlessly Integrate with Multi-Cloud
Direct data to any combination of on-premises systems and preferred cloud partners. This eliminates vendor lock-in and provides powerful analytics for your organization and partners.
Consistent Device and App Orchestration
Get a consistent device and app orchestration experience that spans any use case, cloud, hardware, app or service provider. There’s zero risk of vendor lock-in.
Enforce Data Governance
Streamline both OT and IT stakeholders. You’ll control who has access to the data with a one-click centralized business policy.
Remote Monitoring and Troubleshooting
Gain Real-Time Visibility into Your IoT Devices
View and manage the status of your IoT devices in real time with a single pane of glass. Easily identify bottlenecks and points of failure that generate downtime.
Remotely Maintain Any IoT Device
Remotely connect to your IoT device with Infiot Private Access for predictive maintenance and upgrades.
Role-Based Access Control
Grant relevant access to your employees and partners only. Gain full visibility with audit trails to comply with regulatory requirements.

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