Infiot ZETO

Cloud Services Fabric Extends ZETO to SaaS and Multi-Clouds

Distributed, Multi-Service Cloud Fabric

Rise of the remote workforce, increasing use of multi-cloud, along with the proliferation of distributed edge computing, creates significant connectivity and security challenges for enterprises mandating the need for resilient and flexible architectures. Infiot Cloud Services Fabric provides remote users/sites and devices secure and optimized connectivity to any cloud, extending high-performance connectivity, zero trust security and edge compute from people, places and things anywhere.

Key Benefits

  • Infiot
    Provision Within Minutes
    Cloud Services Fabric drastically reduces provisioning times and eliminates DIY builds
  • Infiot
    On-Demand and Scalable
    Take advantage of globally-available and horizontally scalable network of clouds to drive your business
  • Infiot ZETO
    Zero-Trust Security and Edge Compute
    Benefit from hyper connectivity, zero trust security and edge compute for SaaS and multi-cloud
Infiot ZETO
Secure, Integrated Enterprise Class Services
Optimized Cloud On-Ramp
Secure optimized cloud on-ramp to most popular SaaS, IaaS and multi-clouds, with all of the simplicity enterprises really need.
Zero-Trust Network Access As-a-Service
Adaptive Software Defined Perimeter that enables secure network access with granular control of traffic flow and isolated trust boundaries.
Simple.Secure.Scalable - Converged.Cost Effective
4G/5G support and edge compute converges wide range of services in a thin edge form factor, drives simplicity and reduces costs of DIY connectivity and security services by 8-10x.
Globally Distributed, Cloud-Native SDN Delivers Elastic-Scale
Cloud First
Designed to scale SDN using modern cloud-native principles. Migrate away from traditional DIY SDN with an agile, cloud-native management and controller.
Secure and Compliant
Take advantage of a completely compliant architecture supporting HIPAA and PCI DSS 3.2.1 for all deployments.
Network of Cloud Services
Globally distributed, horizontally scalable, multi-service network that interconnects users, devices, sites, to the cloud. Infiot™ Cloud Service Fabric (CSF) empowers enterprises to take advantage of globally-available Network of Cloud Services to drive their business.
Agile IT Management At Your Fingertips
Cloud Scale Visibility and Control
Deploy, configure, and achieve visibility from anywhere through Infiot’s centralized management portal. Say goodbye to unnecessary man-hours and eliminate complexity.
Improved Business Outcomes
Avoid legacy builds and extensive training for IT with Infiot’s intuitive, policy-driven, and versatile cloud-management platform.
Gain Proactive Insights
A single dashboard to provide in-depth analytics and historical insights for troubleshooting connectivity, zero trust security, and distributed compute across all multi-cloud environments.

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