Infiot ZETO

Patient care is evolving fast – Your network should too

Infiot Secure and Reliable Access for Healthcare


Improve Patient healthcare and secure medical IoT

The next generation of healthcare connectivity — from anywhere — is at hand. Infiot’s Tier-1 HIPAA certified secure, high performance access with Infiot ZETO unlocks the power of LTE and 5G, local application processing, and zero trust security.

Key Benefits

  • Infiot
    Transition to Secure Telehealth
    Empower remote consultations, administrative collaboration, and secure telehealth for healthcare professionals. Security is uncompromised; and performance, unparalleled.
  • Infiot
    Secure, Connected Healthcare
    Infiot meets every IoT use case for medical devices and equipment. This ranges from isolating IoT devices, to securely extending the new perimeter to applications, edge compute, and private device access.
  • Infiot
    Protect Sensitive Health Records
    Infiot’s stringent zero trust security profile secures patient records as well as IoT connections. Infiot provides a secure, compliant, cloud-hosted service held to HIPAA’s strict audit standards.
Focus on care, anywhere
With Tier-1 HIPAA-certified intelligent access service, IT can confidently deploy Infiot and manage your entire network located anywhere. All this can be done from a single pane of glass.
Infiot’s cloud-native, thin wireless edges – with best-in-class cellular connectivity – work across all healthcare deployments, anywhere. Enjoy peace of mind with reliability, always-on availability, and the toughest zero trust security measures that the healthcare industry demands.
Easily deploy healthcare applications with a single click from the Infiot App marketplace , enabling rapid deployment of modern healthcare services at the edge. IT can dramatically reduce truck-rolls and man hours, including the time lost by having to constantly monitor, manage, analyze, and troubleshoot.
AI-Edge Meets Modern Healthcare
Benefit from a single thin wireless edge that delivers connectivity and zero trust security. It can seamlessly enable lightweight integration of services and applications locally at the edge.
Manage more with fewer IT resources. Just utilize zero-touch operations, reduce deployment times, and offer a superior programmability and user experience with dedicated thin wireless edges. These can be deployed anywhere – in clinics, ambulances, hospitals, and even via telehealth.
With Infiot ZETO, you can break free from legacy VPNs and dedicated firewall devices at any clinic or hospital. And you’ll get high-quality connectivity and streamlined operational efficiency at a fraction of the cost of similar products.
Secure Connections for IoT Devices that Lack Embedded Security
Many medical devices contain older, non-supported OS’s (e.g. Windows 95/98). No longer can they be patched due to the expensive, time-consuming recertification process required to remain compliant. Fortunately, Infiot Zero Trust connectivity enables compliance with ease.
Control IoT device network access by physical or logical isolation over any third-party network. Enforce a centralized policy that ensures IoT devices are connected to operate according to expected behavior.
Enable non-technical staff to securely on-board, monitor, and track their medical IoT devices. Standardize and audit third-party remote access to your critical medical devices.

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