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Infiot ZETO for Financial Services


Accelerate digital transformation in Offices, Agents, ATMs and more

More now than ever it is critical for the banking and financial service industry to prepare for the future. That’s why they’re undergoing an accelerated focus on digital transformation. Enter Infiot’s cloud-hosted network solution, with converged network, security, and edge computing. It’s time to drive operational efficiency, enhance speed-to-market, and deliver a superior customer experience.

Key Benefits

  • Expand Beyond Seasonal Offices
    Infiot’s wireless extensible edges optimize and secure connectivity. Financial services are thereby empowered to flourish beyond traditional bank branches into pop-up tax offices, ATMs, kiosks, surveillance cameras, and more.
  • Make Banking Safer and Reliable
    With its cloud-native architecture, Infiot’s ZETO edge intelligence enables critical software to run on the edge. Take image recognition, for example. Video feeds can be processed, and necessary action, taken — all in real time.
  • Accelerated IT Management
    Infiot’s cloud-hosted solution brings IT overhead to a minimum. From zero-touch provisioning to Day-2 monitoring and troubleshooting, everything is delivered through a centralized management portal.
Purpose-Built for Tech-Driven Financial Services
Compact, LTE-enabled and 5G-ready form-factor. This is ideal for all financial service scenarios, such as bank branches, pop-up tax offices, ATMs, kiosks, and surveillance cameras.
Critical enterprise applications always maintain the highest service-level agreements (SLAs) and application assurance, even if network problems occur.
Secure your future by protecting your financial offices and customers. Leverage unified edge security to isolate IoT devices and provide secure internet access.
Edge Computing for Banks and Financial Services
Take ATM security to the next level. Get image-recognition software running on the edge and video feeds processed in real time.
With Infiot, time-sensitive data can be processed in near real time on the edge. Make sound, data-informed financial decisions more swiftly.
Adhering to data privacy and residency guidelines is easier. You don’t have to traverse geographic boundaries!
Agile IT Management at Your Fingertips
Deploy, configure, monitor, and troubleshoot from anywhere through the centralized management portal. Say goodbye to exorbitant truck-rolls and unnecessary man-hours.
Zero-touch provisioning and a policy-based workflow accelerate massive office expansions — from months to weeks.
24/7/365 cloud-hosted management is PCI/HIPAA-certified with regular vulnerability scanning.

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