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Infiot ZETO for Education


Modern learning for connected classrooms

Maximize the potential for learning, teaching, and research by using Infiot ZETO for Cloud and On-Prem Enterprise Applications. Our Infiot ZETO Extensible Edges harness LTE, 5G, and Wi-Fi to provide wireless access in dorm rooms and the homes of students and teachers alike. With secure and optimized connectivity, Infiot paves the way for new and innovative ways to work and collaborate in today’s cloud era.

Key Benefits

  • Infiot
    Always-On Connected Classrooms
    Remote students and teachers are reliably and securely connected to applications in datacenters and the cloud. Infiot provides internet or LTE as transport, without relying on VPN clients.
  • Infiot
    Cloud Scale for Distributed Classrooms
    Cloud-native technology enables IT with a network purpose-built for scale. Students and teachers can be added remotely, easily, and without disruption. Infiot is easy to manage, secure, and scalable.
  • Infiot
    Perfect for Lean IT
    IT benefits from being able to deploy, monitor, manage, and troubleshoot from anywhere. No more in-person visits! They can rapidly deploy a network over a long weekend or holiday break, saving time and eliminating disruptions to learning.
Reduce the Digital Divide for Everyone
Infiot’s robust, flexible, and scalable solution enables modern learning for all students, no matter their location.
Ensure that students spend more time on the right applications and less time on games and social media.
Narrow the digital divide for all. All you need is Infiot’s extensible architecture to ensure access and coverage on school buses, libraries, community centers, and more.
Improved Student Experiences
Take advantage of solutions purpose-built for education utilizing internet and 5G/LTE connectivity. Reduce management overhead, and say goodbye to VPN clients.
Provide students and teachers with reliable access to digital resources in and out of the classroom. Give them continuous connectivity, such as via voice and video apps, and interactive whiteboard applications.
Unique small form-factor is ideal for home environments with multiple students. And family members won’t be impacted.
Secure and Reliable Access with Features of Your Choice at a Fraction of the Cost
Enable IT to prioritize educational apps and deploy CIPA-compliant filtering for both students and teachers. You’ll optimize performance without sacrificing security or privacy.
Transformative software-based pricing models enable you to deploy enterprise-grade access solutions for both teachers and students. Budgetary constraints shouldn’t be an issue, especially when it comes to education!
The Infiot dashboard uses a single pane of glass to provide valuable insights into network usage, metrics, and visibility. With at-a-glance analytics and troubleshooting, IT can do more with less.

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