Infiot ZETO

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Infiot ZETO for Construction and Engineering

Unleash the Power of ZETO Extensible Edges for Construction and Engineering Sites

Infiot brings portable networks in the form of thin edges with built-in wireless WAN, application performance, Zero-Trust security, and with the ability to run edge compute enabling construction organizations to implement new digital strategies that foster better collaboration and achieve greater financial outcomes.

Key Benefits

  • Infiot ZETO
    On-demand Portable Wireless Networks
    Extend enterprise-class capabilities anywhere for critical applications and benefit from dedicated portable networks
  • Infiot ZETO
    Secure, Connected Job Sites
    Take advantage of several nationwide cellular carriers and ensure constant connectivity with application performance and zero-trust security
  • Infiot ZETO
    Immersive Experiences With Edge Compute
    Unify disparate workflows and improve operational efficiency with distributed local edge computing
Infiot ZETO
Increase Reliability and Collaboration With Innovation
Compact, LTE-enabled and 5G-ready form-factor. Ideal for all construction use cases such as construction sites, mining, pop-up offices, camera analytics , robotics, construction machines, real-time construction design displays and more
Critical applications always maintain the highest service-level agreements (SLAs) and application assurance, bypassing network issues
Secure your future by enabling fast, high-performance connectivity at any construction site, handle massive file transfers, and securely segment partner traffic
Infiot ZETO
ZETO Edge Meets World-Class Construction and Engineering
Infiot’s ZETO Extensible Edge conveniently operates at any IoT construction location. It securely connects IoT data to any analytics for predictive maintenance.
Zero-trust security models to isolate corporate data from IoT data, extending the new network perimeter to the cloud and for remote maintenance services.
Benefit from one-click operations for deploying AI/ML applications on Infiot edges and enable distributed edge computing.
Infiot ZETO
Improved Analytics and Automation for Better Project LifeCycle Management
Deploy, configure, monitor, and troubleshoot from anywhere through a centralized management portal. Minimize truck-rolls to remote construction sites and lost man hours
Zero-touch provisioning and a policy-based workflow will expedite rolling out fully enabling construction sites anywhere — from months to days.
The Infiot dashboard uses a single pane of glass to provide valuable insights into network usage, metrics, and visibility. With at-a-glance analytics and troubleshooting, IT can do more with less

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