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A Branch Edge that checks all boxes

Business operations across industries — from retail and restaurants to banking — are undergoing a transformation. They need not only a secure, cloud-scale architecture that’s programmable and scalable, but also more options to connect. It’s critical to be able to extend the enterprise with the same level of high-quality connectivity, security, and ability to compute locally at all network edges, including micro-branches. Infiot delivers best-in-class AI-powered wireless edge devices, designed for today’s branch networks.

Key Benefits

  • Extend Your Enterprise
    Most vendors offer a one-size-fits-all deployment, not suited for most environments. Leave no network edge behind, and get them in the fold with Infiot.
  • Autonomous Intelligent Access
    Benefit from AI-powered solutions to simplify management and operations, and bring autonomy to branches with powerful edge compute.
  • Benefit from TCO Savings
    Transformative pricing models based on a cloud-native architecture dramatically reduces TCO and delivers massive savings.
Optimized Choice and Control – for All Network Edges
Optimized for Cellular
Provide constant uptime and zero trust security with a high-performance thin modern wireless edge. It’s ideal for a wide range of branches, micro-branches, and remote users.
AI-Powered Edge Intelligence
With a thin, lightweight extensible edge architecture, enterprises can now easily run services locally at the edge with a one-click policy.
Any Cloud
Simplify multi-cloud adoption and achieve your move to the cloud or IaaS with Cloud OnRamp. Improve the user experience of cloud applications.
Uncompromised Zero Trust Security, Visibility, and Predictable Application Experience
Cloud Scale Visibility
A single dashboard to provide in-depth analytics and historical insights for troubleshooting connectivity, zero trust security, and distributed compute across all deployments.
Application Performance Optimization
Critical enterprise applications always maintain the highest service-level agreements (SLAs) and application assurance even if network problems occur.
Secure Direct Internet Access
Leverage integrated Infiot zero trust security to offload internet traffic and improve internet performance. Automate configuration for cloud security.
Deployment Simplicity at Enterprise Scale
Automated and Policy-Driven
Zero-touch provisioning with a single security and connectivity fabric across all your users, devices, and sites reduces operational complexity.
Designed to scale SDN using modern cloud-native principles. Migrate away from traditional DIY SDN with an agile, cloud-native management and controller.
Secure and Compliant
Address compliance requirements in highly regulated industries such as financial services, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, and education.

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