Make Zero Trust Security A Core Part Of Your Work-From-Anywhere Strategy

Once considered a ‘nice to have’, the ability to work from anywhere is now a necessity. Businesses are redefining their remote work strategies, while ensuring their workers and essential IT resources remain available and secure – everywhere. As users work from anywhere, and apps move from the data center to outside the network perimeter, businesses now have to look at not only securing their network, but protecting users, devices, and business resources. 


Zero Trust Security principles enable a perimeterless workforce, allowing a user to verify themselves via authentication before receiving network access, no matter where they are located. According to Gartner,  Zero Trust Security provides controlled identity- and context-aware access to resources, reducing the surface area for attack. The isolation afforded by these principles  improves connectivity, removing the need to directly expose applications to the internet.


Zero Trust principles bring a modern approach of setting up organization-wide guidelines to access company’s resources. IT teams can fully control user access, with well defined set of rules and policies enforced by the key elements of the zero trust model such as multi factor authentication, user device management, limited privileged access and the ability to segment the network. 


Infiot brings the industry’s first Intelligent Access platform, a cloud-delivered thin, wireless edge with converged zero trust security, connectivity, and AI-powered edge intelligence. Remote access VPNs provide safe connections to the data center, but they aren’t optimized for cloud apps or to scale and meet the needs of today’s remote workforce. In addition, VPN management creates an unnecessary level of complexity that can be a drain on resources.  


Our thin, wireless edges are right sized and purpose built for work-from-anywhere users. Integrated LTE and 5G with SD-WAN and application performance ensures an optimal user experience. A single thin, wireless edge that has all of the relevant components for today’s modern perimeter that spans beyond the four walls of an office, and is applicable to both remote users and devices. 


At Infiot, we are laser focused on helping our customers adopt zero trust security for their work-from-anywhere users, helping reduce their attack surface and delivering a faster, more secure experience than traditional VPN. We enable this in three ways:


  • Our Adaptive Software Defined Perimeter enables secure network access with granular control of traffic flow and isolated trust boundaries.


  • We grant access to specific applications and not the underlying network using identity aware, privileged network access and per-app access policy, by establishing the identity of the user first.


  • Our powerful built-in security features protect users from malicious threats. This becomes particularly important for remote users working in highly regulated industries, who also benefit from Infiot Tier-1 PCI and HIPAA compliant SaaS service.


Infiot allows enterprises to implement zero trust security models allowing only trusted users and devices to access applications hosted anywhere, on-premises or in the cloud, regardless of location. Users benefit from consistent, secure application access across the WAN through Infiot’s Cloud Services Points. 


Intuitive, automated policy definitions, allow users to auto-enroll in their appropriate groups (for eg – sales or marketing). Each user can then access applications that were meant for their area, for example – marketing teams will be able to access applications relevant to their organization, and so on for sales, and other teams. 


We hope this post has helped communicate our vision for Zero Trust, and highlighted how we believe that our underlying security principles and advancing capabilities represent a bar-raising security model that our customers can leverage. At Infiot, it is always customer first, and we look forward to continuing the journey together, and building a compelling work-from-anywhere strategy.

  • Rachna Srivastava
    Sr Director of Marketing, Infiot

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