Introducing ZETO: Zero Trust + High Performance Connectivity for the Borderless Enterprise


Let’s face it, your remote connectivity architecture isn’t going to cut it for much longer. Whether you struggle with providing uniform secure optimized access, a patchwork of multi-vendor policies or network blindspots across all remote users, devices, sites and clouds – one or all these issues can lead to a situation where digital business operations can be significantly impacted. Fortunately, the introduction of the ZETO architecture that converges zero trust and assured application performance has arrived in the nick of time. 

A storm is brewing at the corporate Edge

Enterprise infrastructure technologies are so finely intertwined these days that small additions or changes can cause massive ripples from both an application performance and cybersecurity perspective. There’s no better example of this than when companies began sending employees home to work either temporarily or permanently through the adoption of work from home (WFH) policies due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

When employees were initially sent home to work, IT architects were largely focused on bolstering their ability to provide secure remote access connectivity with little thought put into long-term architecture planning. Because of the lack of time to think through and design a remote connectivity architecture that’s secure, flexible and delivers application performance assurance, many are now grappling with having to manage multiple point-based remote connectivity solutions like Remote access, SD-WAN or Multi-cloud that often underperform and lack centralized management and visibility. Simply put, existing application performance and security technologies that have been shoehorned into enterprise infrastructures suffer from the following deficiencies:

  • Disparate technologies (such as Remote access, SD-WAN and multi-cloud) must work together, often proving to be overly complicated from both an end-user and ITOps perspective. Fragmented architecture results in an inability to apply uniform security or quality of experience (QoE) policy across all users, devices, sites and clouds. 
  • When managing multiple technology platforms for zero trust access, network/data security and application performance, end-to-end visibility gaps undoubtedly form. This lack of visibility exacerbates maintenance processes and increases the amount of time and effort required to identify and resolve cybersecurity and performance related incidents.
  • Regardless of whether you are using traditional on-premises VPN or an alternative, cloud-based ZTNA platform, “single tunnel” shortcomings negatively impact application performance and IT cost due to lack of “direct to cloud” connectivity.
  • Organizations are experiencing incredible frustration with SD-WAN and Remote access solutions when it comes to connecting users, devices, sites and cloud to multiple clouds due to overwhelming cloud networking complexity. 
  • More containerized applications are being deployed at the network edge and this creates significant application management challenges that current “fat” SD-WAN architectures are not built for. 

At some point, the lack of assured application experiences, uniform security and visibility creates a breakdown, causing users and devices to be unable to access remote resources with the proper level of performance or cybersecurity policy. So, what’s an IT architect supposed to do?

Say hello to ZETO

ZETO stands for Zero Trust + Optimization. ZETO is a 100% SaaS-based converged remote connectivity platform that strikes to the heart of what most enterprises lack today — a single unified software that integrates zero trust security methodologies with network and application optimization. While existing ZTNA products can handle secure access and SD-WAN can deliver path optimization, ZETO is the only platform that intelligently combines the two. With simplified management and AI-driven operations, much of the heavy lifting is already taken care of and you can bring all your remote users, devices, sites and multi-cloud environments online in minutes. Infiot ZETO also makes it easier to run custom third-party applications at the network edge for real-time processing or simply for box consolidation.  


For those that are already familiar with Infiot’s product and service portfolio, ZETO takes these existing capabilities and extends them to any remote users, device, sites or cloud. This includes One Software Architecture for multiple deployments including Infiot ZETO Client (New!)


Combined into a unified ZETO architecture, these components deliver secure, reliable access for all remote users, sites and devices to on-premises services as well as the most popular enterprise SaaS and cloud-based applications. 

With ZETO, brighter days are ahead

Securing and optimizing connectivity from users, sites and devices to enterprise and cloud resources doesn’t have to be difficult. All it takes is the right strategy and the right platform. If you’re looking to migrate away from your current fragmented architecture because it’s become too cumbersome to manage or no longer meets your needs, you’ve come to the right place. Look to Infiot’s ZETO architecture to deliver consistent zero trust security and application performance for your borderless enterprise.

  • Parag Thakore
    CEO and Co-Founder of Infiot

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