Infiot and Intrado Come Together to Deliver Intelligent Access for Remote Users, IoT devices and Branch Offices

Business applications and the workforce are moving out of the enterprise perimeters, and increasingly working from anywhere. As enterprises worldwide pursue digital transformation initiatives, they are embracing cloud-delivered models and services to meet their objectives. With employees and customers dispersed across geographic locations, either working from home or branch offices, there is unrelenting pressure on enterprise networks to become more agile, flexible and easier to deploy and manage.

Existing solutions address connectivity and security issues that traditional branch offices face, but are less than ideal for today’s dispersed workforce, and tend to be clunky with fragmented management, non-cloud native, lack wireless-WAN networking and are unable to run applications at the network edge.

With that in mind, our partner Intrado has selected Infiot to deliver compelling enterprise collaboration solutions for our joint customers located anywhere. Infiot delivers Intelligent Access for Remote-First Applications bringing together SD-WAN, zero trust security, and edge-compute in a thin, wireless edge form factor. The thin, wireless edges are ideal for all remote users such as remote agents, remote devices such as ATMs, and branch offices, and can be deployed using commodity broadband with integrated LTE to ensure business continuity. 

More Immersive Experiences, More Intelligence: Closer To Users, Branches, and IoT Devices 

Customer deployment is greatly simplified with zero touch provisioning. We have a single pane of glass to manage all of our SD-WAN, zero trust, and edge compute policies. Onboarding new sites is a lot easier now with eliminated truck rolls and reduced on-site support. Intrado has been able to take advantage of Infiot’s multi-tenant cloud-delivered architecture for rapidly enabling remote users, IoT devices and branch offices. 

The Infiot solution can be deployed  in a wide range of locations, ranging from the home office, to micro branch offices, office-in-a-backpack, and places where space is constrained. Infiot’s thin wireless edges, have built-in cellular (LTE/4G) connectivity, and are designed to be smaller than a smartphone, making them perfect for any kind of environment. 

Enterprises can run voice, video, and data across the public internet with confidence. Infiot Intelligent Access ensures priority for business-critical applications and quality of service, and ensures performance protection against path degradation. Built-in zero trust security features ensure secure access by controlling traffic flows and isolating trust boundaries. With zero trust security, customers can easily enable identity aware, privileged network access and per-app access policies for users for an additional layer of security.

Infiot also offers rapid and easy access to SaaS applications with Infiot Cloud Services Fabric in a simple and scalable manner, with end-to-end visibility, control, and governance.

Onward: Innovation Powered by Infiot 

At Infiot, we consistently strive to provide our customers with more flexible, secure, and innovative solutions, as they embark on their digital transformation journey to create better experiences. Leveraging Infiot Intelligent Access, Intrado can provide customers with consistent, pervasive connectivity, and intrinsic security for applications and data from the data center to the cloud for remote users and branches. We are looking forward to our joint partnership. 

  • Rachna Srivastava
    Sr Dr, Marketing, Infiot

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