Announcing Infiot, a Company focused on Intelligent Access for Remote-First Applications

As co-founder and CEO of Infiot, I’d like to welcome each one of you to the Infiot launch and share our journey. 

The seeds

For the past 15 years, I’ve been rooted in the edge and networking industry. From the early days of Cisco to the founding team of VeloCloud (VMware), the path to today is seeded with talent, innovation and forward thinking. At Velocloud, Infiot’s founders collided as Anupam Rai, Sunil Mukundan and I carved out the SD-WAN market. Gen 1 Edge solutions brought to market a CLI managed router, and Gen 2 solutions, like SD-WAN, ended up becoming cloud managed routers, a notably vast improvement from Gen 1. Over time, we realized that while the Gen 2 SD-WAN solves problems for a particular market segment, there were still many limitations. 

Existing solutions in this sector tend to be clunky with fragmented management, non-cloud native, lack wireless-WAN networking and are unable to run applications at the network edge. These elements leave existing solutions less than ideal for today’s deployment use cases like remote users, IoT devices and micro-branches. To address this vast hole in the market, our team decided to build an Intelligent Access platform designed for Remote-First applications, connecting users and IoT devices. 

Infiot was born

Our first task was to find a company name that defined our mission. The term Infiot combines infinite and IoT to define an Intelligent Access platform that can be extended indefinitely and delivers boundless connectivity – connecting more people, more places, more things than ever before. 

New requirements for a changing environment

Infitot’s unique architecture helped us gain early customers, like Christus Health and A.T Still University. The more we engaged with customers, our vision was reinforced – the world was changing fast in many ways.  Inverted access requirements with more users, devices, applications, services and data located outside of an enterprise than inside was becoming mainstream. 

  1. Users and/or IoT devices, anywhere, require air gapped networks, boundless reach and reliability, compelling organizations to embrace wireless WAN. 
  2. The focal point moves to the identity of the user and device, necessitating zero trust security models to be implemented with ease. 
  3. Latency sensitive applications deployed closer to the users and devices, need purpose-built application management models closer to network edge. 
  4. Organizations need dramatically lower total cost of ownership, simplicity and scale, requiring a significant leap in cloud-native architecture.
The Infiot Advantage

Infiot addresses a problem I have been passionate about for quite some time –  to build an architecture that empowers all edges and democratizes them, which today is complicated, highly manual, and frankly not always possible. 

Our mission is to break the barriers of the physical perimeter and level the playing field by bringing services for a Remote-First world to every remote user, sites and IoT devices in a highly simple and scalable manner. We have built the industry’s first Intelligent Access platform, a cloud-delivered thin, wireless edge with converged connectivity, zero trust security and AI-powered edge intelligence. These are necessary ingredients to democratize the edge and to support the modern enterprise everywhere. 

Onwards and Upwards

So, here we are! Our team is excited to hit the ground running with amazing customers already under our belt. We have built something that is truly of lasting value across customers and partners. We welcome our future partners, customers, and employees. Join us on our journey!

  • Parag Thakore

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