Infiot: Thin Converged Wireless Edge

An Intellyx Brain Candy Brief

Infiot offers a thin edge service that contrasts with ‘fat’ first-generation SD-WAN offerings that require dedicated hardware and software on-site. Instead, Infiot delivers its capabilities to the edge via SaaS, bootstrapping devices that it ships to the customer site.

In addition to this ‘extensible edge’ capability, Infiot offers a multitenant, cloud-native controller in the cloud as well as a secure overlay that provides microsegmentation of the hybrid network as well as policy-driven data ownership constraints.

Its Kubernetes-based multitenant service fully separates the control plane from the data plane, a capability that earlier generation VPNs do not offer.

Infiot’s wireless edge is programmable and AI-powered, making it suitable for a range of IoT and other edge use cases. It supports both 4G LTE and 5G protocols, positing its devices for the 5G rollout currently in progress.

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