Intelligent Access For The Borderless Era

Integrated Cellular, SD-WAN, Zero Trust Security, and Edge Compute for Users, Branches, and IoT

Why Infiot?

Free yourself from the complexity and cost of legacy DIY networks with converged integrated cellular, SD-WAN, zero-trust security and edge compute for remote users, branches, and IoT.

Thin, Wireless Edge Brings Convergence
Converged connectivity, zero trust security, and edge-compute purpose-built for Remote-First users and devices
AI-Powered Edge Intelligence brings Autonomy
Distributed business processing enables near real-time decisions, improved availability and data governance. One-click, on-demand app marketplace ensures rapid deployment
Cloud native SDN delivers unmatched TCO
Cloud native SDN with Cloud On-Ramp deliver unmatched TCO savings with operational simplicity and scale

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Industry Recognition

Infiot is a recipient of many prestigious industry accolades

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