Why Infiot?

Infiot ZETO is a new way to deliver Application assurance, Zero trust security and Edge intelligence with AI-driven operations to every remote user, every site and every device enabling a Borderless enterprise.

Legacy ‘fat’ first-generation point products with manual operations and poor SLAs just won’t cut it.

ZETO Edge Delivers Unparalleled Connectivity
Achieve boundless reach for all remote users, sites and IoT devices with a secure reliable access to enterprise and cloud resources
Reduce Attack surface with Cloud-Delivered Zero Trust Network Access
Secure your business using a ZTNA service that grants authorized users access to apps and not the network
Unlock business intelligence with One-Click Service Insertion
One-click, on-demand service marketplace ensures rapid deployment of services closer to user, sites, devices or in the cloud with Infiot Edge Intelligence
Achieve operational simplicity with AI-Driven Operations
Improve end-user service level experience and IT operations by rapid root cause analysis and automation of problem resolution.

Industry Recognition

Infiot is a recipient of many prestigious industry accolades

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